You woke up every day trying to make your life better trying
To make your future a better place for your kids to be waking
Up early not getting enough sleep going to bed late but today you

Just lost that hope you lost yourself in the way to find a better
Life For you why now why not from the start yes life is not a walk
In the Park but perseverance should had been your main key to

Where you want to be I may not know it’s been how many years
You’ve Been Stoical but you’ve let your sleepless nights to be nothing
You’ve woke up for nothing maybe it wasn’t meant for you right that’s

What you keep on telling yourself what was meant to be yours
Will be clearly you never thought you might need to cover your
Grounds halfway we’ve lost hope too in the way or you’re telling

Yourself there are levels in hopes there are stages in hopes stop being so
Intransigent you know it’s not working please dust up and begin where
You left off or rather start what you believe it’s your vehement than to seat

Please stop being a harmful influence to those that wish to have a
Better life to those that haven’t been where you where let them start
Their journey let them be rather guide them rather be positive for them

Rather be their iris of eye rather do what you realized if you did it would
Had work preserving it’s not easy especially if you have plans if you have
Goals you’re ambitious you have ideas because you know time is not by
Your side but time preserves to get from this season to another I know you

Probably telling yourself am comparing an object with a human but look
At it the other way around there’s a lot you can learn from it take yourself as
An hour hand you see how slowly it moves and take a year as minute hand its
So fast compared but you will reach your destinations no matter what as long
As you’re patient you are not behind in life it’s just that your journey is different