If only you knew how I long for your touch, your warm hug

Feeling your heartbeat next to mine,

Feeling your smooth skin, calling you my babe.

You broke my heart when you told me we would never be

Did you ever think of me, oh how huge the scar you left

Did you ever care, oh how broken I am

If only you knew how emotions awake when I see you,

You avoid my eyes, but our attraction is too strong

You avoid leaning closer, but our paths cross

Did you know that my heart has a mind of its own? I don’t think I will ever forget you.

God knows how hard I try every day to forget about you,

Though not a day goes by without me thinking of you

If only you’d give me a chance, a queen, you would be in the palace of my heart

God knows what you do to me, how time stops when you are near,

Beautiful girl, your eyes sparkle so bright, I fall deeper for you

It brings tears to my eyes that I lost you just like that. I wasn’t good enough for you and never will be

Girl, look at me, please. I got a lot to say to you; hear me out. One chance is all I need, and maybe, just maybe…

[Dedicated to Nontobeko M]