My heart is naked as a winter Tree

The coldness feels it’s like the needle in a tree, where it holds on for a lifetime until it may be seen as a need

Nor ordinary human can help

The coldness melts through the veins of its ground and gives it life to beat and grow stronger, as for the sunrise it glitters as a twenty 5th of thee twelve-month Tree as nor cold felt in thee darker yesterday.

The Musk of the pain of the coldness caused by the tale of the dark is by Me.

No ordinary human can help.

As the glitters from the ground flow inside up my vein neck and run down my chicks,

I feel like vomiting it while it’s hard to swallow, because of the hot huge bunch of winter flows I carried you.

It’s not easy for you to see the outside light while I’m still stuck inside the tale of yesterday’s darkness by a granite stone.