Here she was,

Right before my eyes,

I could smell her nice cologne,

Her height always stunned me,

The little hairs on my arms tried to stand up.

I turned away so she couldn’t see me blush,

My heart nearly skipped a beat

Thumbing against my ribs,

My tongue felt like a sponge lodged in my mouth

Pressing against my palate,

It kept me quiet even if I wanted to speak

I stood like a statue, paralysed with nerves,

I felt stupid.

She turned me around,

Looked in her eyes, I felt stars all around,

Butterflies in my stomach like no other,

This was different, it felt real.

Oh love what is this you’re doing to me?

She came close, my thoughts went wild,

She kissed me,

And it felt like heaven.

His touch,

His lips,

Like heaven straight.