I knew happiness by name,
I knew how to smile and saw one in a meme;
Pain was not there in my life,
One thing I needed was a purpose in life;
Days past,
Not even a day sober,
Maybe I need a barber;
One day in the plain site,
As I sat;
A call came in,
Couldn’t even understand what was said,
Because I was drinking Bain;
The next day as I woke up,
I saw some tiny, beautiful and innocent thing;
I thought I was dreaming,
Then I opened my eyes so wide,
Like I saw something pass in the wild;
It was you,
It was my baby;
You looked just like me though happier than myself,
With a cute smile and an innocent face;
That day I never let go of you,
Even that day I’ve never had Bain in my blood;
I named you my everything,
Because everything happened since you arrived;
No one understood why my everything,
Surely you changed many things about me;
When you cry I felt this guilt even if I didn’t cause it,
When you happy,
My world seemed to have a greater balance,
I had another name for my everything,
The seed of change nor for bad though for the good;
The seed that blossoms under the shinny sun,
That was moulded for peace and happiness;
That drunk all the waters of holy ground to heal our sickness,
That is colourful even in the dark of the night;
You grew though I can’t hear you language,
Maybe it’s because of my luggage I’m carrying on my back;
Am sorry my Everything,
Now I feel happiness,
Now I can feel my cheek stretching towards my ears,
I know it’s a great smile from my little everything.
Grow and grow,
Be matured;
I’ll be your guide;
My little everything.