There is no one like a mother.
Fathers carry a seed, but
It only planted and get body in mother`s womb.
Without a mother the seed cannot become a living being.
There is no one like a mother.
The mother is loving and caring.
She is like a hen.
She protects her chickens under the cover of her wings.
A mother is passionate, committed and persevering
in all difficult and challenging situations.
She fights and overcome many battles through silent and prayer.
A good mother led her children by being a good example.
She practices what she preaches.
She often says learn from me.
Her daughters and sons are confident about her.
They said there is no one like our mother!
We are proud of her!
Her character is different and special.
She is always well presented.
The mother is so strong in such a way that
4 She can raise children alone.
The mother is like a rock that builds up a foundation.
Every standing home,
There is a strong backbone or piler mother.
The mother is the main centre or engine of the home.

Written by: Nokwazi Penelope Dube