A fist on the back of my head.

I look back!

Right there and then.

I saw them!

Three or four of them.

Surrounding and cornering me.

I went through my pockets.

Not there!

All of my salary.


All of a sudden, I felt it.

It bit into my flesh.

Two or three times.

A knife piercing through my chest.

A thud on the ground.

Blood oozing and flowing on the street.

One by one,

they fled!

Leaving me there on the street

to die.

I lay there, unable to move.

As I felt my soul leaving me.

My life is slipping through my fingers.

All that is left are questions lingering

in my yet to shut down brain.

What about my kids?

My wife?

What will become of them

Now that I am fading away?

How will they survive?

Now that my heart has

ceased to beat forever.