Remember culture never dies.

It’s just gets modified,

It takes twist and turns.

And merges with other cultures.

Culture is always reproducing.

Like a man and a woman coming together,

And creates a child.


A new creature is formed.

Don’t be stuck in the old traditional past.

Stop, look, change and go.

Go forward with the times.

Adapt to the changes.

Don’t get stuck in the past.

At times I get asked,

Why is your mind still colonised?

I tell them maybe it’s because,

Is still live in a colony.

But that’s just bolony.

Truth is am not colonised,

But rather, industrialised, instituionalised,revolutionised and conditionalised

In case you haven’t realised,

I am still me, I still have my roots.

Within me still exist,

My source of being and identify.

Cause culture does not decide who I am,

But I decide what it is.

Therefore I am the culture,

And the culture is me.