Don’t feel bad about yourself
Be comfortable in your own body
Stop fixing your body it was never broken
Your curves are the best!
Don’t ask how God created you
Your chubby fluffy face is where I find peace
Please stay chubby and magnificent
Please don’t doubt yourself
You name deserves to be known
Your body is your crown so embrace it
You are perfect with those stretch marks.

Don’t ever be ashamed of your body
You are beautiful no matter what
You are wonder women
Embrace yourself like THICKLEEYONCE LEGOBANE
Please don’t let their words take away from your passion
Don’t allow the rules to confine you
Wear any outfit that makes you feel like a queen
Walk with confidence to show that you are proud.

You are perfect with those stretch marks
A woman’s worth is not up for debate
You are good enough
Be comfortable in your body
Don’t define who you are, wear your crown
Love your body size and shape.