Men what has it become of us
As the fathers of the nation
You saw her heart
And immediately merged it with yours.
You found her love
And felt at home.
You saw her as a whole
And thought of your family.

You promised to fill her eyes
With tears of joy
But what you are doing
Is to flood her with sadness.
You promised that your Arms and Hands
Will cuddle her with care
But what they are doing is to bruise her.
You promised to walk her into happiness
But what you do is turning her into a soccer ball.
She has turned into a target
Where all your weapons are tested on.
Remember how soft those lips spoke
To her the first time you met her
Let them be that way, not how loud they are today.
You have dug a burial hole for her
And everyday you are giving her directions into it.

Men what has it become of us
As the fathers of the nation?
What will our homes become
With our mothers crying everyday?
What will it become of our hands
Filled with our mothers’ blood?
What will this nation become?
With our mothers nowhere to be found?
But their names filled on the gravestones
In the graveyards.

Let us change for the better
Be the gentlemen we were born to be
Nourish our homes with love fill them with warmth.
And stand together against GBV