Nicely, you said sorry,
On your knees as if you wanted to submit,
With a sham sadness on your skin.
Like the usual,
You performed similar actions…
Hoping I’ll fall for it, like all these times.

After you doomed my happiness,
I cried myself to sleep every single night.
After you toyed with my life…
I was shattered and felt like trash.
After you sliced my heart into pieces, I was destroyed.

Yet, In a distance…
There you were taking the lead in my direction
You come crawling like a baby, apologizing!
With a bunch of flowers and chocolate in hand.
I stared at you with my teary eyes,
You reminded me of the pain you caused me…
You reminded me of all the times I forgave you for the same negligence.
I took in so much of your sorry’s,
Finally, I don’t think it’s meaningful now.

Nicely, you said sorry!
A carol you know how to sing best…
Do you think that is adequate?
do you feel sorry is the perfect word for admitting guilt?
Do you think is perfect for the ways you hurt me?
It seems like a very little word with no emotions,
And I’m not convinced to let off all your deeds…
Please stop with your apologies,
It lacks endeavor and emotions.
And I don’t need to reconsider the refusal,
I’m freeing myself from your unbearable love.