I’m living my life in misery.

I have no motive and no drive.

I have no pillar of strength.

I have no water to quench my thirst.

I’m crossing valleys and mountains of pain.

I’m swimming in the rivers and oceans of despair.

I’m flying high in the skies and altitude of anxiety.

I’m living peacefully with toxicity and low self-esteem.

I found comfort I’m venomous comfort zone,

because the world is too busy for my troubles

I’ve found happiness in my detrimental mindset,

because the world is so happy without me.

I’ve reached out to people around me.

‘But you look okay! Yes, you do” they all said.

I’ve cried out loud to the intellectuals.

“But you look okay! yes, you do” they also said.

I look okay! Yes, I do,

but deep down I’m drowning in depression.

I look okay! yes, I do,

but slowly I’m being devoured.

Do not look at my flesh as is it as okay as it will ever be!

Please look into the depth of my heart.

Please look deeper into my innocent soul.

They are dying a slow and excruciating pain.

Only one spoonful of love and assurance can save them.