After completing my Secondary School, the agony of being in Society for more than 4 Years proved too much to bear.
I needed to be in school.
I needed to make it like my Mates too.
But there was no way out.
With the bad Economy that Crippled our Country, resulting in fewer Job Opportunities, all I had to do was to go house to house and Work as a Garden Boy for well-to-do People.
It was hard!
Worse as it is Sounding!
You know that feeling when all the people who were behind you are in different Universities, including your ex and you are busy moving up and down in Society.
You are the only one moving around without School.
I must say that I have a Strong Character and identity, as such, I don’t get easily influenced by friends (Peer Pressure).
But at some point, things got worse and I thought the only remedy was Smoking and Beer.
I became a Serial Drunkard.
Worse than Zambian Women!
But one thing for sure is that I kept my dream alive.
Be frustrated, it’s okay!
Let stress hit you, it’s fine!
But never give up on your Dreams.
One Night, I was coming from a Night Club, heading home and I was so drunk.
It was around 21!
I was moving and easily falling down like a little Submissive Bitch  As I was moving down the middle of the road, there was a Car behind me (Pee Pee Pee), but I couldn’t move to the other side.
The Person in the Car came down and the rest is History.
Chapter two
Early in the morning, I found myself laying on a Beautiful Bed, with a King Size Mattress, and I wondered what exactly happened.
I felt like I was in Paradise!
The room I was in was so Beautiful and I Prayed that it should never be a Dream.
But to my surprise, I found myself Naked, and my dick was paining as if I Spent the whole Night deep down an Open Pit Mine.
That aside!
Before i could Scream and shout in fear,someone opened the door.
It was a Lady!
She was dressed in Jeans and a White top which was partly exposing her well cooked and boiled Boobs.
And to me, she was the most Beautiful in the History of Women,starting with Eve,and ending with Mary (The Earthly mother of Jesus)
And just looking at her,i had an instant erection and countless of Cumshots 
I felt like jumping on her but am not a Rapist.
“Hi, handsome!”
She said.
Chapter three
I was brushing like i have just won a lotto draw.
Never in my miserable life,have i ever been addressed as Handsome,not even by my first girlfriend.
Before i could even respond,she came closer and sat on the bed,next to me.
I felt like attacking her!
I felt like ripping her Top and unzipping her Jeans and then give her the fuck of a lifetime lol.
But am a Cool guy!
I answered ija ya Nsoni Nsoni.( with a little shy )
“You were drunk last Night.
I think you have issues.
Kindly share.”
She said!
And who the hell wouldn’t want to share their Problems with such a Lady???
Because of her,i can even deny my Uncle straight.
I swear!
In less than three minutes,i shared it all.
“Your story is sad.
But dont worry,you are with the right Person.
I will help you achieve all your dreams.”
She said.
I was so excited and i wanted to jump in the skies,but again,i realised i had a very dangerous ‘hard on’ in my boxer.
“Thats not all-Chill babe.”
She said.
She is even calling me babe.
Eh,this girl really need some serious dick.
I whispered to myself!
“I see Potential in you.
And if you must know,am not even a Stranger.
You are someone that i know.
Am a Social Media addict and i have been following your Stories on Facebook.
I know you,but you dont.
And according to what i have i have been observing,i think you are really a Sex Guru.
You talk too much about Sex and you are the kind of Person that i have been looking for.”
She said!
I was a bit shocked.
But i really wanted to know her intention!
“Boy i can make you rich in one day,today,and you will walk out of this house a Billionaire.
And for a Start here is K70,000.”
Chaii.She even throw the money at me.
Opportunity comes once muntu Wanga!
It is now or never!
“All you have to do is to act some serious Porn with me.”
She said.
If it was you want can you do?