I cannot help but pick up pen and page,

Inked musings flowing out with each sweet phrase,

Emotions alive in every letter,

The written word my heart cannot forget.

The pleasure of the written word to read,

Characters brought to life like they bleed,

Imagination soaring free on wings,

A book a gateway to so many things.

In worlds of fiction and historic truth,

In mystery and adventure’s truth,

Falling in love with every single page,

The magic that a book creates remains.

In front of paper I deeply adore,

In writing, some kind of deep rapport,

So many stories out there yet untold,

Yet with each pen stroke, a chance to unfold.

To wrap up a poem with a happy end,

Books and paper, my best of friends,

The written word, my true mainstay,

To read it and write it every single day.