Love, it’s beautiful.

It’s nice to have it knock at your door

It hurts when it’s time for it to leave

You’ll be stuck, trying to relive all the memories it left you with

Having someone say the three words is what makes it beautiful

The moment your eyes lock, curves form on your faces

The light that comes from your eyes

The spark between the two of you

Lost in that moment, all you can think about is the one standing before you.

When your hands touch, a moment words can’t explain

Nothing feels foreign at that time

And then when you’re parted

What went wrong?

Was it really love?

What were his true intentions?

Questions with no answers


It comes with a lot of things

Overthinking, it kills

When the door closes, you just hold the handle too tight, hurting yourself even more.

You run to the window, but it’s too late.

With love, our desires don’t matter

Love is a will

Love does as it pleases

You can kneel, you can bow

You’re always going to try, but it will never be on your side

It’s eventful

It takes you from moments you want to live for to moments you try to erase

A kiss was a sign of love, but now it’s poisonous

The feeling of sharing one breath with someone who won’t be with you tomorrow, it hurts.

Sharing sweat with the one you thought you’ll forever keep

The taste of their lips on yours never leaves

You try to hold onto all those sweet moments that sometimes seem like a fantasy.

Then life reminds you that a being is not for you to keep