I do wish to love and to be loved

I do want to feel all the electric sparks

But at what cost

Love is about compromising

But not like that

Not when his fist punched through her tiny rib cage

Not when he turns her petite body into a punching bag.

“I bought you your favourite diamond earrings,” he’d say.

“If you talk, I’ll kill you,” he’d say.

“I booked you to a spa day,” he’d say.

To cover up all he did

To cover up how his unmerciful wrath fell upon her.

A spa day to take away all the pain he had cost her

“Look at my earrings; they glitter”, she’d say.

Not knowing that all that glitters is not gold.

Is she willing to risk it all?

All for love?

But love at what cost?

That remains an unanswered question.