I still remember the exact date.
It was one beautiful sunny day on the 2nd of July. 
Beautiful and well dressed as usual,
I was heading to town. 
As I was strolling going to fetch a taxi. 
A car stopped by to give me a lift. 
It was such an amazing short trip. 
The driver gave me a charming look. 
Stares that brought sparkles to my face. 
He told me more about himself. More than what a lady would love to hear from a guy at first site. 
Within that moment I felt like I knew him forever. 
It was one of the greatest moments to remember. 
But time was flying like a busy bee. 
Within a blink of an eye, I had reached my destination. 
Sadly we had to say our goodbyes as he dropped me off. 
It was indeed love at first sight.