The pain of being with someone,
The pain carried by loving someone,
The pain inflicted on someone through actions,
The pain of being loyal to a disloyal someone,
The pain of being a fool by forcing someone to love you.
Men don’t cheat,
Men are usually tempted,
Men protect hearts they love,
Men are nothing compared to women,
Men give women reasons to live…
It’s a pity that it’s now morning,
I have to wake up and smell the coffee,
Allowing myself to come back to the real world,
With the hope that we as men are considered a blessing,
And not this unsteady name given to us by women.
Men build up the society,
Sometimes we do things to fit in,
Forgetting where we come from and are headed,
All because of wanting to be perfect in people’s eyes,
Then men end up living with broken souls