We all go through alot,
We all go through pain,
But with boldness and courage
It doesn’t matter the challenge,
It doesn’t matter how hard it can be,
Going forward is what we do.

We suffer alot, the pain is too hard,
But we don’t have to give up.
It takes a long journey to get better things,
Better things you hope for.
A journey is hard to travel,
A journey has lot of pain than happiness.

No one wants to suffer, but to get better life.
But in reality we suffer before we benefit.
What we have to do is to focus on the future we want,
The best future can make us happy,
The future that need our full investment today.

Before you reap, you sow,
You sow with hope,
You sow with passion for better harvest.
No matter how bad it can be,
Let’s focus on what we want.
Stop focusing upon the painful past,
And think of how better tomorrow can be.

No matter how hard it can be,
let’s push until it happens.
Even the invigilator is quiet in the exam room,
Trusting that you can make it.
It will never be easy but you will make it,
It will never be easy but have hope to overcome the pain.
And be a better person, living a better life.