Eyes where meant to see beauty,

Voice was meant to tell the truth,

Ears where meant to hear a lie,

But legs where meant to walk a path full of life,

Only a blind person can believe a lie of a sighted,

Why people lie to those in need instead of helping?

A blind person only see a voice of a beautiful world,

But hear cruelty of it,

Words can deceive, but an eye won’t.

I walk a way away from a place of known,

To the unknown,

Only to be deceived by a sighted,

World is cruel but not all of it,

Walking blind hurts more,

Seeing it’s believing to die trying,

But being blind is dying of unknown.

Walk blind with a direction of light,

Not with a direction of darkness,

Trust in the truth of a mind and heart,

They may deceive at time but trust a way,

Being a lost blind ends the truth of light,

Am a walking blind.