Love is like a big ocean.

When you see your partner drowning there are 3 possible options.

1.You jump in and save them

2.You sit by the shore screaming for help but not attempting anything

3.You jump in and push their head even lower into the water.

If you don’t know what you would do then you don’t know love.


I had this Partner of mine who whenever I was sinking she’d sit on the seashore watching as if she was having a cocktail for my downfall.

Every time it happened and everytime I fought my way back to the surface I was getting stronger.

Till I stopped drowning and learnt to ride the waves.

One day she will drown and I will be there by the shore in “her paradise” what will I do?

Yes! It hurt when she watched me drown.

Yes! It hurt everytime I was suffocating.

But No! I wasn’t made like that.

I wasn’t made for someone else’s pain to be my pleasure.

I wasn’t made to rejoice for someone else’s tears.

I would jump in and save them!

Each and everytime they drown, I will be here to save them

Because love is like a big Ocean.