Life in South Africa by Lindo Kabini

South Africa,

South Africa,


A land of legends

And a land of icons

A beautiful land but all wasted with robbery and unfairness

Where the intellegent stay at home and the unqualified get paid for work

Where the resources are wasted for money

Where the future is not important to the Executives

Where selfishness is without a doubt a factor of presence

Where the people of South Africa are unimportant but the White foreigners are enjoyed with their presence

South Africa is a beautiful country

With beautiful people

And beautiful nature.

Let us not waste the times that are little

For the animals are sheep and cattle

Let us stay and battle

For we will handle

Our beautiful country together

We all rejoice as we look back and say “South Africa” because we are together

From Sports to tradition, from empathy to kindness,

We are together

We are South Africa