Let’s think about it

Nobody wants to feel the pain
Holding on to a pillow
cz you feel at your lowest
From all corners east to west
Feels like the walls are moving inclose
Crowding you
Suffocating you

The silence becomes so loud
Too loud that you’d do just about anything to make it stop
How about an oud?
At that time you can imagine yourself
Calmly sailing away in a peaceful sleep
Like calm ocean waters
How about a hang in the trees
So you can feel the breeze
Sing with birds
Reach for the sky
Smile with the sun
And finally be free

Because your heart is cold
Heavy with pain
Frozen with hate, resentment, anger and lots of questions
At yourself
You never get to grow old

Because society said it’s better to keep your troubles to yourself
Said when you do it, it shows you strong
Until it all explodes
Leaving you not so strong
With nothing to explore
But a cold grave

Remember it’s okay not to be okay.