She took the exit to jump on the better life train
Departed to start a fresh with just a suitcase
Abondoned I felt like a boy who’s parents went AWOL
Like a shady deal gone wrong she pulled away from
Leaving me to hold the bag
I bet it was a not take it but leave it proposition
She left that sour taste in my mouth just like that
Made herself absent so I can be in this terrible position

Cut and run to leave my heart to bleed out
Did a disappearing act to not return
Packed up her bags so I could be alone in this house
While looking for clues I left no stone unturned
But still…no idea why she took French leave
She set sail alone like going on the open sea
Like a leftover I was she didn’t want to finish
To make herself scarce like a fugitive on a frequent flee

No farewells no goodbyes
Leaving me so high so dry
Geez I can’t believe she left me for dead
Since she evacuated I don’t sleep in our bed