I was knocking and knocking.

I had that knock.

I feel that knock.

It was not the door knock.

It was a warming knock.

Knock-knock again.

I thought someone would open it.

I can hear that knock.

I hear it’s warming.

I know it was not at the door.

Knock and knock.

This time, I will answer.

My feelings feel it.

It has a warming knock.

It is inside my heart.

Knock-knock this time.

I knew, and I did see it.

My eyes did not rob me.

My hearing was so clear.

My heart responded, and it was inside.

This knocking is not a joke.

I know who is knocking.

I know who is at that door.

God open my heart.

Could you let that who knocked enter?

To warm my heart.

This time is not a dream.

That knock hit my feelings.

They flow with my blood.

And I know I am in love.

It was a beautiful girl.

I hope this time she will enter.

Inside my heart and warm it again.