It’s common to think- I will go to university and study. 

I will definitely get a job; there’s nothing to worry about. 

And then the sad reality starts to knock. 

To realise I’m unemployed instantly hit me with a shock! 

The misery, anxiety and depression, 

The disappointment, anger and oppression. 

The thought that even with a degree,

There’s still a lack of opportunity.

Walking to companies to hand over a resume

Waiting patiently for a phone call day by day. 

“You do not have enough experience, so we regret to inform you..” 

And after many applications, hearing that wasn’t anything new. 

With endless prayers and constant faith, I tried to believe.

Even if it’s part-time or a contract, it will offer some sort of relief.

They say it’s who you know, not what you know.

I wish I had known that from the get-go; now I’m just moving to and fro. 

It’s hard having to explain to friends and family. 

I couldn’t stand looking at my graduation photo in my gallery. 

Eat, sleep, pray, and repeat was an everyday thing. 

My mind and heart worry about what the future might bring. 

Now I question- should I just leave the country? 

But what about my life here? This is my home; this is me.

Do I change my entire career, my passion? 

Maybe go into another field, like fashion? 

It’s hard to decide. It’s difficult making these choices. 

For now, I’m tired of listening to political voices. 

I know I’m not alone; there’s thousands like me. 

We have to ask – what can we do to set ourselves free? 

Free us from this chain holding us back, 

We have the wisdom and skills. We don’t lack. 

I hope the job hunting will soon end, 

And our broken hearts will eventually mend. 

I hope this is for you, and I

And that I say without a lie.