I’ve seen better days
My eyes felt dry some days
Tears have dropped dripped as well
I’ve seen the worst in people I love
Let down I’ve felt
Heartbroken I’ve been
So many times I’ve Wished to cut the strings
Tell the puppeteer
I’m done, the world is cruel
But why?
Because I’ve seen better days
But tell myself I owe myself this much
So I let the pain seize the crack until there’s no more space to hide
But reveal itself so I can say…
I’ve seen better days
So do your worst
I’ll make room someday
Because what’s pain without happiness
What’s happiness without pain
Hand in hand these go
like day and night,
The sun and the moon
I’ve cried for days wishing someone would just hold me tight, say I notice and you’re not alone
But today I close my closet of hopefulness
Friends are so not there when I need them
But no worries
Because I’ve seen better days
Cool I act when I’m in pain
Stay in character when I’m in vain
But no one ever asks why today?
So I make peace nonetheless
Because I’ve seen better days
Who hasn’t?