Verse 1

Warm hearts melting,

No Sparks of fire but the feelings,

The heart of love makes her falling,

Time is too short tired of waiting,

Lips on fire, the clock is ticking,

Can’t wait saying I do there is no escaping,

On the great day of her wedding,

Verse 2

Now the wedding is over,

Honeymoon brings her closer,

Emotions start to run high,

And Her love floats like a flie,

His touch makes her feel pretty,

Oooh! Here comes the morning full of envy,

And nature sings choruses of a new day,

Verse 3

Warm hands on her cheeks,

Makes her sick,

In love she’s Lost and weak,

The voice calls her name it’s like a jock,

warm palms are Mama’s trying to make her awake,

Wake up! Mama’s shouting shock her like an earthquake

Jumped off the bed, the dream is gone she wishes it back.

It was a dream, no reality.

By: Goodson Tembo