Let me take you through my reminiscence,
Be warned they contain heartbreaking scenes,
I’m a victim of my own stupidity,
Reason being, I failed to face reality,
She never loved me the way I deserved,
It turns out there was still love in her heart that was reserved,
Maybe she thought it would be conserved,
Instead, it corroded to death,
And the resurrection of our love was never an option;
“Love always finds its way through”, they say
But what if pride clogged its pathway?
And the only option is for us to go our separate ways.
Into thin air, our love dissipated
I guess our relationship was as toxic as I anticipated,
And so it had to be annihilated,
Now say this poem is sophisticated,
I guess that’s what I get for turning pain into pleasure,
Before it gives me a seizure.