I hate myself for doubting me

While people are praising me

To those who I said I love

Became unsure abt my love

I Hate loving myself in good time

And I hate myself after failure

Things swing my mood at times

But hating myself isn’t fair.

When my babe said “I love you”

I just thought for money she can cheat

Regardless I replied by “I love you❤️” 

Coz I knew time will reveal. 

Unfortunately she broke up with me, 

Coz she was getting hurt by me, 

She said I didn’t show authentic love, 

And my attitude was vividly showing no love.

I’m damaged by previous relationships, 

And I don’t want to be played or used, 

But some said “with u I want to be in relationship” , And they we’re just over the moon. 

I was scared to play them, 

Coz she was not the only one, 

Besides I still love them, 

But not more than the” real one”.