remember all the things we wanted,
remember all the things we loved.
all the times we almost said our goodbyes
all the times we said more that we meant.
when our passions burnt like a wildfire,
and our love story was in its infancy,
not sure it would survive.

we have sailed a thousand seas,
for a thousand suns and moons,
amidst infinite blankets of stars,
trying to keep the dark abyss at bay
together we created rivers of raindrops,
that ran to the shores of our hearts,
trying to keep our hopes alive.

it all seems like it was yesterday,
these wrinkles on our skins,
sing our immortal song of memories lived,
stories of love, tears and joy.
a love this old yet so juvenile,
we closed our eyes and shut the world,
tried not to stay in one place for long,
but you were always my home.

I have written myriads of rhymes
trying to inscribe your name,
on the fabric of my heart.
and neither the words nor the poetic
magic could ever picture your beauty,
So I kept on writing, and hoping.