In this malicious world where malefactors castigate who we are .
In a world where females are ulcerated of their bodies and minds .
Where females are made to feel inferior .
God himself knows I am a warrior .
I endure so much pain every month while a warm waterfall falls down my sacred palace .
I smile everyday while my heart severely bleeds .
My body itself provides food to my offsprings .
Isn’t that magnificent ?

We are much more than what’s beneath our clothes .
We give warmth , love and life .
Yet no one seems to value that .
God .
Do you take note of my heavy sighs ?
Then give me signs .
Guide and protect me always .
In you I trust anyways .
I believe you will never forsake me .
My life is in your hands .
Let no scumbag deter my divine plans .
Let no devil sent cut my life short as if he’s the one that created me .
My creator knows why he created me to be a female .
I was born out of love to LOVE , LEAD and HEAL .