I’m sorry he pretended to love you so that he can break your virginity.

I’m sorry that your mother differs from the definition of being a mother.

I’m sorry that you had friends but you were never their friend.

I’m sorry you fell in love but it was one sided.

I’m sorry that teachers made you feel worthless and stupid.

I’m that your dad or mom left you.

I’m sorry that they laughed at your insecurities and flaws forgetting that you’re already aware of them.

I’m sorry the society judged you for who you are.

I’m sorry they made you feel uncomfortable in your own body.

I’m sorry that everyone you love dies.

I’m sorry because the blame is always on you.

I’m sorry that they walked off on you when you needed them the most.

I’m sorry that no one takes anything you do or say to heart.

I’m sorry you feel like no one cares.

I’m sorry that pain never seems to forget you.

I’m sorry that you never enough.

I’m sorry that you past keeps haunting you.

I’m sorry you were sexually violated.

I’m sorry you can’t keep going.

I’m sorry you body is here on earth but you’re floating.

You are precious, and loved, thing’s get better by time, move on.

Face your fears head on.

Nothing beats prayer.

It’s hard I know, but imagine how worse it’ll become when you give up.