Behind it , there’s immeasurable love .
It is like a big tough wall .
Hard for a rich men to break.
It’s love deserve to be glenched.

It hides behind close doors.
Even for the dazed ones.
It’s a battle one can never win .
It’s a glendestine a breath doesn’t know .

Behind it , there’s seed of love .
A seed one is delusional from.
Behind it , there’s glee that’s unconditional.
But who are we with pride ?

The love behind the coat is exorbitant.
No amount of treasure can buy it .
No amount of money can buy it .
It is crisp like a mountain rock.

Gratesque is wat it is inside .
Attractive is wat you can’t find outside.
But inside ,the generousity is exorbitant.
A breath can find peace behind it.

Corner is where it sits.
Secretly where one can’t see it .
It’s like a strong wind .
Hard for one to dispel.