Being told to go to your room

You can never be sure

Who will solve the problem

Balancing your emotions

Holding your emotions

On a moment

She said that she would call you

If she needs you

Knowing that she will never call you out

Because you are helpless

All you can do to try to help

Is to scream or cry in front of them

Ask yourself, “Why you?”

“Why this family?”

You have a solution to their problem

But you won’t be allowed

To raise your voice

Because you’ll be squashed

Travelling to school

With the worst past

Seeing how happy your peers are

Wishing to be like them emotionally

Telling yourself that it will end

But you know it won’t

Seeing her blue-eyed

Not sleeping

Saying that if you weren’t born

She would have left as soon as possible

Now the blame is on you

They are together because of you

Because you are the one

Who is uniting them

With your presence

Realising that they don’t care

And they don’t value your presence

Still waiting to be called

Picturing the violent

Continue to stay in that dark room

Still not realising that

Umoya wakho unxunguphele

Stop covering your emotions

With your thoughts