Why am I changing but the water is still colourless?

And the weather is changing while the trees are still on their positions?

My childhood was paradise but it became the land of unknown bruises,

Who told the Lord that growing up was my desire?


I wonder why the rocks are not changing,

 but my face became the land of unknown soil.

If changing was part of life then why is it unfair?

Are my prayers that are not heard or I am hatred?


Playing the game of change and not is pain in our pride,

Telling the aim is meaningless with her meaningless name,

Just like a baby who can feel but cannot tell where the pain is,

Joy left, misery gained.


In the books I tried looking for answers but they’re corrupted,

From the elders I did the same but they cried,

From my newborn I became more skeptical but she tried,

No one knows but we’re in the jungle of growth.