I stepped my foot,

knowing it very well,

that this path has thorns.

Sharp thorns that leave one bleeding.


But I keep on walking,

the path is full of thorns.

My heart always tells me,

maybe at the other side,

there are no more thorns.


And the pain lives with me.

With a painful hope,

I hope for something,

something unforeseen coming.

I cannot change what it is not mine.


I wish I did not know,

the path I am taking has thorns.

And I took this path knowing.

Not knowing is better,

because I will make a “U-turn”


My heart got me into this,

my feelings has let me down.

And I blame no one,

The blame is upon me.

My hopes were unrealistic.


I know I am not alone,

many of us are going through this.

Only because of fantasy and pleasure.

And our hearts want more.

More enough to satisfy our souls.


And we know this is wrong,

Because it does not belong to us.

We should have avoided this path.

No one can stand this painful thorns.

We stepped in knowing.


Though this path is hard,

the devil in keeps dangling

what heart yearns for.

It seems prettier afar,

it looks real at a distance.

But walking on it,

one must stand for this terrible thorns.