In the Beginning… his love was kind,

Funny , grateful,peaceful and understanding

We grew closer

It was a spark of magic,his voice angelic to my ears

I fell deeper

However……. I never had time.

In the Middle his love was brutal,barbaric & toxic ,

Guilt tripping, bullying and body shaming

A never ending , emotional rollercoaster ride

It took my joy,my self-confidence ,self worth

I was no better than a next to nothing

I fell harder.

Even so……I never had time.

In the Ending ……. his love

Broke my arm,cut my tongue and left me

with a blue eye

His love…..

Kicked my ribs in ,left my naked body on the street

The last I remember…. he gave me 1 last kick

I never had time…

To Talk to God

In the end of his love ,I had lots of time

to talk to God.❤️