In the Beginning, there was a Law
The law was based Whiteness and Pigment was a rule
He was with the law in the beginning
Through Him all things were seen
without Him nothing was looked upon.
In Him was Life and life the skin of men
life strives wherein there is this law,
but Lawful men misunderstood this

There arose a Species Being, a limp
He was called Warrior
Warrior’s position was as plaintiff concerned that Wicked law
so that all Species Beings might continue giving Praise
Warrior himself was not but had his Savior, he was chosen only as plaintiff
so that He could scold that law.
“The Liberty of Men” today’s one document by Species Beings that testifies
to a ‘Universal Truth that all Beings are Equal and it is self-evident’
indeed was manifest in Africa

Before we knew
That Wicked law, did not vent in
as the so called warrior would never ever give up
Attending to the courts, the court put it’s stink on him
Yet to all he attended to
He did in the name of Civilization
sewn in them by the Church, a heart of discontent
Although he renounced his older spirit by freewill
so that all might unify and continue giving Praise

Species Beings, judged not by the colour of skin or physicality
nor through prejudice or unconstitutionally…
‘that they are endowed by their Creator with
certain inalienable rights; that among these
are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness