When I see you I feel love

When I see you I become speechless

My heart skips for you

Come close so I can

Feel your touch, toughness and love

I want you to be mine and mine


I love you

The bones of my bones, the soul of my soul

Oh I love you

I love the fact that you make me cry

When I see you

I love you and I need you more than ever

In my life and I don’t wanna be heartbroken

I love you

And I wanna thank your mother for

Giving birth to you my love

Oh I really really love you

And I’m so in love with you

I can’t wait to see you soon

My love

Sthandwa Sam

Lerato la pelo yaka

All I wanna say is I love you

This is why I love you


You love mee and I love you

with lots of love ❤️❤️❤️