You never judged me, I’m blessed.
You knew I was not perfect.

But, you open your heart and,

You welcomed in your heart,

When nobody did.

They said I’m as boring as hell.

Because they never understood me.

All you did, you urge the heaven in me.

Because you saw a friend in me.

I found a friend in you because,

You have no room for judgment.

Aren’t what friendships are for?

 Where I’m from; they friend zone you,

For you have and what you are.

Absolutely not who you are.

I told you I’m the simple guy but,

You said that’s not a problem.

You said our friendship matters the most,

For once in my whole life, I felt alive.

A friend I wish not to forget.

In tough times I shall call you oh god.

You’re my shoulder to cry on.

Everything feels special but,

Mostly you are a special friend.

I found a friend in you.

I wish not to replace you no matter what.

I found a friend in you,

Not many are like you out there.

You are for keeps, I’m blessed for you so much.

I do crazy shit sometimes but,

Somehow you are always here for me.

Always concerned about me.

Always how I feel, my life either is your concern.

I found a friend in you.

You never judge me, you teach me.

I’m blessed.

You are only somebody who plays God,

And judge me in the right way.