True love does exist

But only in dreams and stories

In reality, it doesn’t

If you think true love exists

Why do people we are committed to keep on hurting

Why do they leave us with burdens

Why do they leave us heartbroken

But you tell us that true love exists

But in our country, it doesn’t

Maybe true love lives in the United States of America

Not in South Africa, because everything in our country is a joke

Even men can lie to a woman!

Tell her that he loves her while deep inside, he doesn’t

All he wants is just sex, not love

After he sleeps with her, he runway just like Springbokke

Many kids left behind with a woman because of fake love

A man doesn’t have shame to impregnate a woman

Then, later deny the pregnancy

That is why I say for me, true love doesn’t exist

It exists in our dreams but, in reality, is not.