I don’t blame you

I can see that your

pain is unbearable

It seeks someone who is innocent

To bleed on

So you can feel better

It’s like a wolf

Sniffing for blood

It hurts right

The wounds of the past

Are still open

I know you were once

A beautiful flower

That was planted on a soil of love

But at the end

When it grew, it was covered by

Toxic thorns

Because of being poured

venomous water

I can see that growing up was


Even today you are left


Puzzled from wonderings

You wonder how will your life

be today

If you didn’t face certain


That changed you

To be a wolf

I know it hurts

To grow up being brainwashed and


That you feel limited and negative

From that

It was not your fault

But it’s not too late to

Stop passing rotten apple

To innocent people

It is never too late to put pieces

Of your



And puzzle it

Together from being set apart