It’s been over twenty years
But the memory still lingers
My emotions felt on that day are still very raw

The bell rings and we all rush out the school gates.
Eight year old me is eager to cross the bridge into town,
So as to catch a taxi home.

The sun is stinging hot as I start my fast pace walk to and over the bridge.
The pathway was busy with many adults and kids walking in and out of town.
My main focus was not to fall over or get pushed into cars.

And that’s when it happened,
That’s when I felt the hand of someone touch and squeeze my private part.
At that everything seemed to go slow motion,
When I looked back to see who had touched me
The culprit,a tall thin dirty guy that looked to be in his twenties turned and smiled at me as his friends laughed.

I was so hurt, immediately I lost balance and began to walk clumsily.
Everything began to move fast again cars hooting and my heart beating.

I felt a sore pain in my throat,my chest got heavy,I began to tear.
How can this man do this to me?
Why did he do this to me?

I felt broken and dirty.
Over twenty years and I cannot forget.I wish justice was served on my behalf that day.
Why did no-one step in,I keep braking everytime I ask that question.