Being a woman is a pride any lady is proud of
Being called a woman is an honor
Being woman is the most beautiful thing in the world

I am a strong woman, I can survive under any circumstances.
I stand tall even when the world is against me and heavy on my shoulders.
I climb higher mountains after fallen for several times.
I give birth and love the child unconditional even after being denied.
I take care of my children without any support and still make sure they succeed and survive.
I sleep with heavy mind and wake up with solutions of what’s next.
I walk with wondering mind and come back with answers.
I survive with nothing, but still manage to afford everything.
I carry bowl on my head just to feed my kids.
I can go extra miles just to see sunshine.

Because I am a woman

Why am I being killed?
Why am I being raped?
Why am I being abused?
Why am I being called names?
Why am I being shamed?
Why am I being denied?
Why am I being a victim??????

Why all this happening to me. All this happens to me because I’m just a women.

I am a womem