I’m a woman,

I’m a woman and I am also a human

Why does is seem like my feelings aren’t considered,

Why do I have to go through all this load?

I mean I am walking right on top of a sharp razor blade everyday,

I keep cheeping like im feeling no pain,

But My heart bleeds and I still brighten my smile to the ear.

There are ruins of earthquakes in my soul

Volcanic eruptions in my mind

flood prints of blood in my heart,

I know I’ve once mentioned that my heart is strong

But, It doesn’t mean It should be abused.

I am literaly holding the world,

They say im supposed to hold the knife at its tip edge, shamelessly.

And still expect me to assiduously cleanse my energy

But how can I?

Cos both hands are full.

Do I have to go through all this trauma?

You force yourself on me and get me pregnant,

Leave a mark of HIV in my system,

Which decision are you leaving me with?

What about my emotions?

Why are you leaving me with an option to end my life?

Why do you keep pressing through my wounds?

I have to carry life inside of me for the whole nine months,

As I carry on cooking, and doing laundry

Don’t you think the labour pains are enough

That you could decide to run away from the responsibility of being a father?

I am enslaved.

And my house is divided against itself,

I tried to recover.

But then one of your crew comes into my life claiming that he loves me

Without knowing that he only wanted to brake me to the core.

I opened my door for him, course I felt security in his words,

He unfortunately turned my home into a boxing ring,

beating me up to loose breathe,

Is it all because I am a woman?

Don’t come here telling me that I am holding a dead letter,

How is it all making you feel?

As you keep on suppressing the pain,

Aren’t you supposed to protect me,

Aren’t we supposed to be a team?

Leaving me insecured,

Are all this heavy crosses made for me to bear?

I am a woman and I am still a human.

Respect my body,

Respect my decisions.

You are not even supposed to be the head I mean I am a Woman,

And it doesn’t even need the bone of contention.

I am supposed to show you all the ropes,

As you keep on living like a big cheese

Mocking me like im just a slice,

I still deserve all the credits.

If only you could open up my soul,

If only you could go through my thoughts.

You could understand better.

How am I so different to you, that you feel so entitled?

These words should be enough for you to let Me breathe,

Spare me some oxygen.

I need peace, that’s all I ask.

This is a message to all men,

Please think for me,

Think of me,

Feel for me, when you make decisions

Course I am a woman and I am also a human