How to win you?

I adore you

I’ve been convincing you

But you don’t understand

Do you need money or my humanity?

You don’t like our community or my humanity?

You have been saying no for ten years now

Please don’t say No, say yes now

I love you, I need you and I think of you

How to win you? Tell me

Can’t you love me?

Even if you love me for a second is enough for me

How to win you amazing hip?

A lady of her beauty

Wife material of the whole Chimbende estate

Flower of my dream

Try me, love me and see me

I will give you love you ever seen before

How to win you?

Are you in love already?

He will be Uriah tell him

I will love you more leave him

You’re beautiful like Bethsheba

I will do anything to win you like David for Bethsheba

Be my my right leg I beg

Be my mother’s in law

Be my future mother’s kids

Don’t reject my proposal again

When I see you, I see my destiny

Don’t deny, be mine

But tell me, how to win you?