What kind of life are you leading?
Do you radiate love?
Or are you like the gringe on Christmas?
Do you jump out of bed?
Or do you hit the snooze button?
Are you grabbing it by the horns?
Are you walking tall?
Do you walk with a straightened neck,
Or are you just waiting for the sweet release of death?

Do you love yourself,
Or would you rather be someone else?
Are you making progress,
Or are you still where you were yester year?
Do you have goals?
What do you want to be when you get older?

Are you pure?
Do you indulge in self harm?
Drugs and violence?
Are you hiding behind your smile,
Or you just can’t help but show your pearly whites?
Does your life bring happiness to others?
Are you grateful?
Or are you regretful?
Are you strong?
Or is there still a lot to improve on
How are you living?