My heart is pacing and chasing, towards you I am facing and racing,

The power of your attraction has me phasing and raising.

Spending the hour thinking so I can make this moment ours,

I’m spending Mandelas on the carrots, I need a clear vision to see what you need.

Make you satisfied with what you feel and I have these strawberries, I’ll help you eat.

I listened to my gut to get you a yogurt to dip and then deep between your bites,

That’s how I end up lickin’ your lips.

Please stand up and rock with me on the floor, trust me to hold you down,

But to never let you down.

I want to love you better and more than ever, I thought I might need some learning,

But I just find myself near heaven, it’s just in how you let me have it.

Pull over, step out the door, let’s dance under the moonlight,

Let me pull you closer after spinni’ around for so long and serve you with the warmth, right.

I’ll be the love server, connect you to my network and local area network you to my hub of emotions,

Our next step is the pub, you can get drunk in my love and I’ll drive you home after hittin’ the club.

Make a house in my heart and let you home it,

Only if you’re willing to own it.