Total happiness
Are the only things you should feel on this auspicious and special day
By adding a year
Let your love, kindness, benignity and demeanor double
As you blow out your birthday candles
Let the birthday fairy visit you for a tenfold of presents
Always continue to be our euphoric key
That has always opened many portals
To extreme bliss in our lives
Let your fears, sorrows, insecurities, negativity drown
with the water that has taken you to the shore for a fresh start
As you celebrate wisdom and more strength
shall be rewarded as a gift
Though I might be far apart
I’ll still say a little prayer
That will make this day more joyous
As this day has been bought forth
Know that God has blessed you for a vibrant future
Become a dare devil
A voice for the voiceless
Flex your brave
My clandestine visits shall always be like the win
Through these sweet poems
Happy birthday Tales wama [stiee].